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Supercharge. Build and Deploy NodeJS on Azure.

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The simplest way to build and deploy Serverless NodeJS backends on Azure.

Nitro is a heavily opinionated template for building applications in the NestJS Framework, the fastest-growing NodeJS framework in the world:


TypeScript: Built natively in TypeScript a Nitro-Stack NestJS application gives you the confidence of Type safety with the productivity of JavaScript.

Effortlessly Scalable. Nitro applications are Serverless, they scale automatically and you only pay for what you use. From the website hosting, to file-upload to the database, all parts of a Nitro stack scale.

Large Ecosystem A NestJS application sits on either express or fastify (you choose) with access to both platforms diverse ecosystem of modules and packages.

GraphQL and Rest No need to choose upfront, a NestJS application allows you to expose entities as either a series of Rest endpoints or a single GraphQL endpoint.

❤ Azure Your gateway to over 100 Azure cloud services.


To get started with the Nitro Stack, you need to install the following packages:

npm install --global @nestjs/cli
And the Hexa CLI (read more about Hexa):
npm install --global @manekinekko/hexa

A Nitro application is just a NestJS application with Serverless support on Azure. So to begin create a NestJS application

nest new nitro-cats
cd nitro-cats
nest run start

Deploy as a Serverless app

To deploy as a serverless application on Azure you first need to add the nest add @nestjs/azure-func-http module, this converts your NestJS application to a Serverless Azure Function.

nest add @nestjs/azure-func-http

✔ Installation in progress... ☕
CREATE /.funcignore (66 bytes)
CREATE /host.json (23 bytes)
CREATE /local.settings.json (116 bytes)
CREATE /proxies.json (72 bytes)
CREATE /main/function.json (294 bytes)
CREATE /main/index.ts (287 bytes)
CREATE /main/sample.dat (23 bytes)
CREATE /src/ (321 bytes)
UPDATE /package.json (1827 bytes)

We need to build a home for our application in the Cloud, to do that we use Hexa. Hexa is a CLI tool to help you easily create and manage resources on the Azure platform:

hexa init --just functions

Finally, watch Hexa deploy your Nest application to Azure Functions!

hexa deploy